60 Segundos con Yolanda Pinto

60 Segundos con Yolanda Pinto

How did your love for art start?

Yolanda’s interest in art started as a little girl. In school she began drawing maps on the blackboard in geography and also helped her classmates with religious drawing, which was compulsory, along with clean, organised exercise books at the end of the year. This enabled Yolanda to get extra food for break time, and in exchange her classmates also gave her colours pencils, erasers and rulers, which helped her with her studies.

Who supported you at the start of your career as an artist?

After the talented Colombian artist Yolanda Pinto discovered that she enjoyed drawing and painting, her older brother, Hermes Pinto, became her principal guide and support for her early paintings and first steps as an artist.

Where did you study art?

Yolanda Pinto began her studies in the School of Fine Arts in Bucaramanga. In 1968 she travelled to Bogotá, where she continued her studies and took her first steps as an artist. She later took classes with renowned artist, David Manzur. In 1977, she expanded her horizons by going to Venezuela, where she remained for ten years.

How was your experience as an artist in Venezuela?

Venezuela gave Yolanda Pinto to opportunity to participate in her first private solo and joint exhibitions.

Based in Caracas, she also travelled to Puerto Ordáz and Ciudad Bolivar. It was there that she decided to teach some painting classes at the School of Medicine, School of Law and in an international oil company.

The beginning of her painting workshops and the start of some unforgettable experiences

During her stay in Ciudad Bolivar, Yolanda realised that teaching gave her great satisfaction and joy, as she shared all her knowledge with people who sought her out for classes after a successful solo exhibition in a well-known private gallery. Not only did this help her gain recognition but made her feel useful.


“Descubri que enseñar es aprender para dar más y mejor sin egoísmo con entusiasmo y con amor.”

Yolanda Pinto

Luego regresando a Caracas continuó con los cursos de pintura en pequeños grupos  durante algunos años, sacando de allí el gran provecho por las lindas experiencias que se le daban cuando enseñaba cada vez con más entusiasmo y ahínco.

Which techniques do you teach in your workshop?

Yolanda considers oil, especially using a spatula, the best method for teaching, although she also works with acrylics and uses other techniques. However, her technical strength is the spatula.

Yolanda es considerada una de las mejores pintoras con espátula a nivel nacional en Colombia, su especial conexión con la espátula  hace que logre una textura en su obra con la soltura en sus trazos, que dejan una huella muy espontánea y con mucha riqueza de color, para su mayor expresión en la textura.

The spatula technique is Yolanda’s passion.

“La espátula a pesar de ser una herramienta delicada en su manejo, exige destreza, precisión y seguridad además que deber ser muy generoso con el color, para su mayor expresión en la textura.”

Yolanda Pinto

What do you consider to be your artistic leaning?

Aunque su tendencia es al impresionismo por su movimiento en luces y sombras en contrastes voluminosos y con mucha majestuosidad  también toca estilos muy expresionistas por su riqueza de color y expresión en sus movimientos.

What type of art delights Yolanda Pinto?

Pero también la inquieta  mucho el trabajo en temas más libres como el modernismo, aplicado en lo figurativo y  la abstracción en el simbolismo y algunos temas de su interés.

What do you think you can give, both as an artist and person, to people interested in art?

Yolanda doesn’t hesitate to share unselfishly with her students everything she feels and express in her art.

She emphasises the importance of theoretical knowledge in areas such as mixing colours, starting with the basics and advancing to achieve a variety of colours that can be appreciated in nature and daily life. This is the starting point from which students can move forward with their own inspiration to paint.

“La naturaleza se considera una de las mejores expresiones en el arte donde se encuentra la belleza, la verdad y lo hace visible. Es allí donde está el alma del artista, en el arte.”

Yolanda Pinto

Pintora artísta plastica Colombiana, reconocida como una de las mejores Pinturas en la técnica de la espátula. Yolanda Pinto tiene más de 25 años de experiencia en el mundo del arte y la docencia. El Taller de Yolanda Pinto dicta Cursos de Pintura al oleo para adultos en Bogota. Clases de Pintura al Oleo con diferente horarios en el sector de Galerias, Bogota.

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