• My Artistic Life

    Yolanda Pinto was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. She studied on" Bellas Artes Academy" at the beginning of the 70'; after finished her studies she travelled to Bogotá where she settled herself and continue with her career. Yolanda went to 'Artes & Letras Academy' and also took drawing classes for 2 years with well-known Colombian artist David Manzur. After finishing her studies Yolanda decided to travel to Venezuela looking for new experiences and career progression. She lived in Venezuela for 10 years, where her life as an artist grew, expanded, had a massive recognition and turned into one of the most important and successful years in her career as a Colombian artist. Since 1979 Yolanda started to have numerous individual and collective at exhibitions under her artistic name 'Yoppi'. Around 1989 Yolanda Pinto has been living in Bogotá, Colombia, where her art has been exhibited on exclusive Art galleries and exhibitions centres. Read more

    Mi vida artistica

My Inspiration

The nature and liveliness of each element are the perfect pretext for Yolanda to use on her canvas to condense the dominating and imposing presence of the landscape, the wisdom of nature with harmonised floral shapes that, with the power of colour, transform nature into the desired artistic expression, taking advantage of its purest essence in generous compositions full of colour and vibrant harmony of forms.

My Method

Yolanda Pinto’s preferred technique is oil on canvas, which she uses to create colours on her palette. Yolanda considers this to be fundamental to her career due to its noble generosity and infinite flexibility, which offers the possibility of creating new channels of communication between the public and the artist’s creativity.

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